Trip to Marrakech

April 6, 2015

In march 2015, I visited marrakech with my wife and 4 good friends. I witnessed an amazing, colourful and vibrant city! In this post I share my thoughts and findings for anyone thinking to plan a trip to marrakech.

We visited for 5 days and 4 nights, and for my style travelling this was about right as after this time we would of had to repeat some activities again or go on far away days out etc.

Things to see…

The Souks

DSC_0035The souks are basically hundreds of small windy streets coming off of the main square selling all things from leather bags, shirts, beads to lamps. They are fantastic to walk around, and you WILL get lost, this isn’t a bad thing.. it is all in the fun of it!

If you keep walking around you will find small cafes and many shops, the prices can vary.. and make sure haggle the prices as they will start a lot higher than the price can be, but you will notice if you go too low and they won’t haggle back and will let you walk on.

If you are looking for some food in the Souks, i would reccomend this restaurant / cafe Terrasse des épices, we are there twice and got fantastic food both times!




Bahia Palace


A handy local information guide, informed us about this palace. We visited it one day and for around £1 per person, it was a great day out.

The palace itself doesn’t look like much from the outside, but when you enter, it is a labyrinth of small rooms, painted ceilings, pretty courtyards. gardens and more.

Make sure you take your camera as there are plenty of photo opportunities here.

We didn’t eat around this location, although there were some nice local cafes that looked appealing.

Another thing to note, the shops around this location were alot cheaper than in the souks, for example a scarf was about 80 dirham in the souks (with haggling) and here the set price was 40 dirham. It shows what you can get if you go slightly outside of the main tourist areas.


Atlas Mountains

DSC_0377We took a 1 day tour to visit the atlas mountains, and I would highly recommend it! Although if you end up on the same tour we went on… be prepared to do some tough climbing!

We stumbled upon this tour after talking to an official information tour guide for the city, he took us to a tour guide office and we liked the sound of the tour… so we booked it!

The tour was split into a few parts:

The drive, a stop to take photos of the mountains from far away, a stop in a small village to see a local house and how the locals make a living making clay pots etc, a drop in a herb farm, a stop to see (and if you want ride) camels, lunch beside the river and finally a trek up a mountain (you don’t go to the top of the mountain you see in the photo, but part of the way up a mountain close to see waterfalls.

All this for 150 dirham each! Around £10, lunch wasn’t included.. but was only about £7 ish with a drink.

Where to eat…

Terrasse des épices

DSC_0055This restaurant is in the middle of the souks, the best way I could describe it would be a “hidden gem”. As the name would suggest, it is located on a rooftop terrace and has some fantastic views especially in the sun!

The food is a mix of Moroccan food and british food, e.g. tajines and cheeseburgers.. so if you are either after some local food or home classic food, this place caters for both.

Only thing to mention, it is a dry (no alcohol) cafe, but this is the case for most of the places in the souks.

Rating: 5/5

Le Salama

DSC_0081This fantastic hidden away restaurant bar is a must visit for someone looking for some nice food or even an afternoon drink.

The bar is located on the rooftop terrace, and we found it after looking for a mid-afternoon drink. If you visit after 4:30pm the drinks are buy one get one free, this makes the drink prices reasonable considering it is located just off the main square. About £5 for two bottles of beer.

The food is also fantastic, highly recommended.

Where to stay…

Hotel Chems

DSC_0222This is where we stayed during our visit and I have to say this hotel fitted us perfectly. The hotel is located about 10 minutes walk outside of the main square, so it is just enough outside of the square to not be right in the middle of the craziness that is the main Marrakech square, but close enough to be able to walk to it and anything else.

It is about 10 minutes drive from the airport also, so very easy to get to when landing / getting back to the airport.

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