Xperia Z5 – My 24 Hour Review

October 12, 2015

Yesterday I decided to finally upgrade my Xperia Z1 for the shiny new Xperia Z5 as my Z1 was 2 years old and started to run fairly slowly as you would expect from a 2 year old smart phone trying to run the latest software.

So far here is what I think:


  1. It goes without saying really, but it is much quicker and smoother
  2. Updated camera lens (the software is getting updated also, but hasn’t made it live yet)
  3. 4k recording
  4. Fingerprint scanner lock
  5. Cap-less micro-usb charger slot
  6. The weight of the phone is generally nice, it is lighter than the Z1 but also weighty enough not to feel plasticly etc
  7. Great premium look and feel, generally the nicest phone I have ever seen and touched
  8. Some awesome camera effects


  1. Recording 4k makes the phone very hot and if it records too much it can overheat, I am hoping this can be fixed with the new camera software and will have to see how this goes


I have had a small play around with the camera and it really does seem to be upgraded from the older Xperia cameras, also I have read from reviews that this camera is rated as one of if not the best smart phone cameras of 2015.

Sticker effect

This is simply an effect where you can create stickers that you can overlay over photos etc using your own photos. Generally a gimmick, but I like it.



Random shots

I’ve only taken a few photos at random, I need to use the phone for some time to really see the quality of the photos, but below are some photos I have taken. Note: i’m no photographer, and these photos have simply been taken quickly and at random to show what the phone can do generally with a point and shoot. On an update I will play around with the manual mode more to see what I can do with the camera.



AR effect

As with the other Xperia Z* phones this one comes with the normal AR effects, generally the same at the other phones… always fun.


Fingerprint scanner / unlock

It does what it says on the tin, the phone comes with a fingerprint scanner than you can unlock the phone with. It works fantastic, and it very responsive to touch etc. Also with it being on the side of the phone, i feel it gives the unlocking of the phone a more natural touch rather than the iPhone and having to touch the home button at the bottom of the phone.

Look and feel

A great premium phone, simply one of the best phones I’ve used and handled. The build quality and fell of the phone is top grade, it feels like an expensive device and not plastically at all.

Cap-less and waterproof USB

Older Xperia devices have had a usb slot under a waterproof cap to keep the phone waterproof, but this one had a standard usb slot at the bottom of the phone that is also waterproof. A great addition to this great phone.

4k recording

Xperia devices have had a on going issue with overheating and while this phone can overheat after recording 4k for awhile, but realistically I doubt you will actually be recording 4k that much on this phone… I don’t actually have anything that can output 4k as my TV is only 1080p etc. Hopefully this is fixed after the latest update though.

This is only a very basic update as I have only had the phone for 24 hours, but I just wanted to say what I thought so far encase anyone else is thinking about upgrading / getting a Xperia Z5.


Fantastic phone, and I really look forward to what comes of it with future updates etc. After I have really put the camera to its paces.. I will update with a new post.

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