Sony Xperia Z1 – The Story So Far

April 15, 2015

A year and a half ago I decided it was time for a new phone, and whilst on a trip to Hong Kong I ended up getting a Sony Xperia Z1! I thought I would share my experiences with my Xperia Z1 in this blog post to hopefully help anyone considering the switch to a Sony Xperia smart phone.

A year and a half on, I have to say that it was one of the best purchases I have made! It is a fantastic phone with some very cool features including:

Good points



I know this may seem like a gimmick, but it is useful if you ever spill anything on it and just takes away any worry of it getting wet etc. I haven’t actually used the phone fully underwater yet as I haven’t been in a situation where I would want to, but I have put it underwater quite a few times and spilt many things onto it and it was great not to worry about it getting wet.



The camera is pretty impressive including the AR effects. The camera comes with a superior auto mode that makes and quick point and click photo easy, but also comes with a impressive manual mode that lets you change quite a few settings including scene, ISO and more..

The AR affects are a gimmick, but also very fun to play around with with friends and family. They are various overlays to photos that automatically pick up your face and put masks etc on your face, like me below:


One great thing of an android phone is you can automatically backup all of your photos to Google instantly, that means no more loosing your photos (I know Apple does this also, but when I last used this it was limited to about 5GB)



Personally I think the design is very slick. Although I would recommend putting a case on the phone as due to the large size of the phone it can prove to be a little slippy at time, but generally that goes with any 5 inch+ phone that is as slim as this phone.

Android OS


I am currently on Lollipop 5.0.2 os and I have to say it is a great os, it really brings the phone up to the top of the pile with the current smart phones. It is very open and lets you do most things, you can open almost any files and install almost anything you would want to.


Just to note this phone is a few generations old now and these issues may be fixed in newer versions of the phone, but until I get my hand on one of those phones I can’t confirm that.


Sometimes the phone can massively overheat, e.g. on a hot summers day if your are doing something tasking it can overheat. For example last summer I was using the camera quite a lot one day and it suddenly stopped working and wouldn’t come back on (the camera) until the phone cooled down. This has got better with software updates over the time, but still can happen.

Fragile screen

My wife also has a Z1 and during the first few weeks of owning it she dropped it from about waist height onto carpet and the screen completely smashed. I ended up having to pay quite a bit to get it replaced, but *touch wood* mine has been ok after a few drops. I would recommend putting on a tempered glass screen though as this can massively re-enforce the screen.


A great phone, given that it is 1 and a half year old now it is still going strong. I will be 100% upgrading to a new Xperia Z* model for my future phone.

Highly recommended 5/5

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