SIM Only Contracts, How You Can Save Money!

October 19, 2015

Recently I was talking to some friends about mobile contracts etc and basically found out that a lot of people are still massively over paying for their phone contracts that in all reality these days you simply don’t need to pay and can actually save a lot of money if you go about getting a new phone / contract wisely.

How it used to be…

How you used to go about getting a new phone was to wait for your 12 or 24 month contract to finish and then you would wait for your network to allow you “upgrade” your current phone into one of the latest phones, and where this did seem to work fine in the past, all in all it appears that today there doesn’t appear to be any or much benefit of actually “upgrading” as this is simply just another term for you getting a new contract, but your network making it appear like you are getting something out of it (which you aren’t most of the time).


First of all think about what phone you want, have a look around the shops and play with the phones, listen to recommendations etc and see what meets you needs. Don’t just simply accept you are going for the next one in your phones series e.g. iPhone X, as there are a lot of phones out there today and for example if you didn’t like how an Android LG phone worked… for example a Android Sony phone will work a lot differently as Android is skinned to the company e.g. Sony, LG, Samsung etc.

Remember that Android has come a long way from the crap it was originally (sorry Google, it was in the past). Now in 2015 it is a very stable operating system and 100% can contend and in some cases beat Apples iOS etc.


Think about what you actually need out of a “contract”, for example some of the latest contracts i’ve seen come with e.g. 10gb data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts… do you really need all of this as you generally can cut these figures down to what you actually use and save a fair amount of money. For example the plan I am on is a 200 minutes, 5000 texts and unlimited data plan.. I went for this as I don’t use over 200 minutes a month, and generally what I want to the unlimited data, as for texts.. lets face it.. they are pretty much redundant these days as most “texts” are either iMessage or WhatsApp which use your data and not texts. I pay £12 a month.

If you use a lot of data I would recommend either three or giffgaff as both offer decent priced plans with decent data (also three has the feel at home which is a massive bonus).

Lets do the math…

The reason I decided to post this was because a friend just started a new contract for an iPhone 6s at £55 per month, £70 upfront for 10GB data, unlimited texts, unlimited minutes… and that is for 24 months! If we work that out.. you are paying £1,390 over 2 years and lets face it, you will probably forget to downgrade that contact after 2 years and will still pay the way over priced £55 for another few months, so this will continue to be more money.

What I would recommend is thinking about this sensibly and you could save A LOT of month. For example, I have just bought a new phone for £550 and I pay £12 for a great sim only contract (that I’m not tied into, so if i wanted to swap providers, i could at any time). Adding that up over 2 years, that is £838, and that is for one of the latest phones out at the moment.. a LOT cheaper than £1,390!

Also in theory if i didn’t like the phone in 6 months I am free to sell the phone as it is sim free and mine, I would probably get it around £400 ish for it still. But if you are in a contract you basically need to stick with that phone for the 2 years.


I do understand that not everyone can afford to buy a phone outright, but really if you are paying £55 per month.. you could simply stick with your old phone for a little bit and swap to around a £10 a month contract.. saving £45 per month and over a year is basically a whole phone. Buy the phone with that money and continue saving, your bank balance in the long run will see the difference.

My overall recommendation…

Simply put… buy your phone outright, and swap to a sim only contract, the best contracts i’ve found are either three or giffgaff. Don’t just accept that you are going to pay £60+ a month and £100+ upfront for a phone.

Three also comes with a feel at home add on (for free) where you can use your phone abroad in various countries, i have used this in both Hong Kong and Spain and it worked great.

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    With these early deals, you’ll find cheaper prices elsewhere. That said, if you’re already a BT broadband customer, you can save 5 a month on their contracts. So far, they’re only doing 12 month contracts too.

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