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January 10, 2016

Backup solutions for your photos is a must for any photographer or simply someone who enjoys taking photos like myself.

For taking photos I generally only use my Android smartphone for taking photos these days, but also sometimes use my cannon handheld camera if I am on holiday etc.

Over the years I have use various solutions for storing and backing up photos from various camera and phones, from simply storing them on various hard drives in folders for events etc, iPhoto on the mac, flickr, facebook etc.

One of the best and most complete solutions above was iPhoto, but what I found was as my photo library grew quite large (I believe it was around 128gb when I last used it), that iPhoto became slow and slugish and hard to find older photos etc.. even though I am using iPhoto on  brand new macbook pro.

Google Photos

For any android user, google photos is a must! It simply backs up your photos to google, and you can access them at anytime from, it backs them up almost instantly (depending on your phones settings) and also lets you backup all your photos and videos for free, and only compresses the photos to 18 mega pixel, and videos to 1080p… generally for most people this is fine! The user interface for google photos is great and it is very easy to use as any google service usually is. It is also very simple for your to share your photos with friends etc.

They also offer a desktop app for your to easily backup your photos, I haven’t used this yet though and just do it all via the automated android backup and the website.


  1. Unlimited photo and video storage
  2. Simple and easy to use
  3. Desktop app
  4. Mobile android app
  5. Automated backup with Android, you won’t notice it is backing up etc and wont loose any photos


  1. Compresses photos and videos

Amazon Photos

I also use amazon photos for backing up full hd photos because you get this service for free with amazon prime (£70ish per year). This is basically the same as google photos, but it lets you backup completely full hd photos with no limit, however the only issue with this is you get limited to 5gb of videos / other files unless you pay for more storage for those type of files, and this is quite expensive.


  1. Unlimited full hd photo backups
  2. Also automated backups
  3. Decent website
  4. Easy to backup photos via the website


  1. Can’t backup videos
  2. Google photos website is more user friendly

I am still on the hunt for a backup solution for both photo and video at full quality, and haven’t found one yet… I have a feeling I may need to pay for this kind of service though.

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