Trapped Up North – Escape Game in Manchester

September 6, 2015

Yesterday myself and 7 friends decided to give a new escape room game a go in Manchester! After having done a few escape room games in the past, I was eagerly anticipating trying out Manchesters latest game that only opened on the 1st August 2015!


The concept behind an escape room game is basically you get locked in a room for 60 minutes and you have to solve clues etc to finally escape the room. The clues can range from either finding something or logically solving a problem to find e.g. a key or code etc.

The game itself

We decided to do the Cabin Fever and Quarantine rooms, and the room I did myself was the Cabin Fever room. The idea behind the room is like no other escape rooms I have done, you basically enter the room and your team gets split up into two groups and you have to communicate between each other to get out of both of your starting rooms to get into a larger room and finally get out of that room to finish the game.

Throughout the game you are scared by live actors appearing randomly at key points, this was a great idea and something that I haven’t seen in other escape rooms. The only problem is I wish the actual clues etc were more logical and kept in line with how good to scare factor was of the game.

Instead of logically solving puzzles etc to escape the room, it was more just find keys scattered around the rooms and try them in every lock until you got the right one. It was fun, just not very challenging.


  • Great scare factor
  • Decent decor
  • Ok price


  • Poorly run (some of the staff were great, other not so good)
  • Was more of a scavenger hunt rather than solving puzzles etc
  • Final lock was left open, not a problem.. but made us try to put the wrong combination into the wrong lock as the lock we needed to put it in was left open and sent us in the wrong direction.


This game has a great concept and idea, although it is poorly run and executed. I can only hope that the organisers take the feedback and improve the game as it could simply be teething problems. I would advise you to give the game ago, and hopefully it has improved.


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