The Escape Room Manchester – Review

April 12, 2015

The Escape Room is a brand new game that has landed in Manchester recently, and in a nutshell you get locked in a room for 60 minutes, and by following clues you have to escape.

My first experience of an escape room was in Hong Kong a few years ago, and after thoroughly enjoying it and hearing that the game has emerged in Manchester.. I had to give it a go to see how it compares / is in general.

The outcome… fantastic! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a day out / afternoon out who wants to do something slightly different than the normal day out.

Without giving away too much, what happens is.. you visit the website and you need to choose a room that you want to try and escape from with up to 6 people. The rooms are rated from 3/5 in difficulty to 5/5 difficulty. Once you are in one of the rooms, a member of staff will talk you through all of the health and safety and then explain roughly what you need to do to escape the room, without giving away too much. Clues can range from finding a set of numbers to put into a combination lock to finding a pattern on a set of switches to unlock something.

The staff are fantastic and will let you have clues if you are struggling, they say only 1 clue, but if you want more they are happy to help.

On my first visit I decided to try the hardest room The Secret Lab, generally due to playing the game with 5 other friends and because we wanted to challenge ourselves. I was glad we tried this had room, as where it was very challenging and we did need to ask for 2 clues, we did make it out with 10 minutes to spare. On my second visit I decided to try the second hardest room called Room 13 and personally I found this room harder than the Secret Lab, but I guess this can change from person to person, we also made it out with only 7 minutes to spare this time.

In conclusion, I would recommend anyone to try this fantastic game at least once, as when you try it.. you will be hooked and will be itching to go back to try it again!

They also have a nice chilled out bar to have a drink before or after your game. We found it nice to have a chilled out drink after the fast paced game.


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