Lucardo – A New Escape Room Comes to Manchester

January 17, 2017

Last weekend I was looking todo something and after some thought I decided it has been awhile since I had played an escape room. I began by searching google for what escape rooms Manchester had to offer.. and after abit of research I found a 10 week old escape room called Lucardo.

I booked a late night game on a Saturday as this was one of the times available and to play the Virginia House room.

We arrived 15 minutes early as specified in the booking email, the place was very simple to find with a clearly lit sign down great ancotes street. Upon arrival we were greeted by a very friendly member of staff who got us sat down and prepped how the games would work, including some basic safety rules and about how some of the locks in the rooms would work (I thought showing what locks were in the game was a very nice touch).

We were then taken to our room, where we were given an introduction to the story of our room and what we needed to find to get out. So far so good, some decent setting up even before we got into the room.

During the game we had to find various locks, combinations and solve riddles. All were challenging.. but all made logical sense and not just random find and seek of locks and numbers etc.

If you needed clues the members of staff were on call to give clues via a tv screen in the room, also a nice touch and made it simple to get a clue if we were struggling.

Overall I would rate this at one of the if not best escape rooms I have played, highly recommended and nothing I would change.. just keep it up!

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