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Arcade Club – A Blast From The Past!

January 24, 2016

Yesterday I and 5 friends decided we wanted to do something different on a Saturday night other than the standard pub / drinking… after a few sudgestions we decided upon something very different, and that was Arcade Club!

Arcade Club is basically a large room packed with various arcade games, pin ball machines, game consoles etc..

There are over 200 arcade games, and more than enough to last a trip for an afternoon or night. The idea is, you pay £10 on the entrance and everything inside is free to play.. so you don’t have to pay for any of the arcade machines.

We stayed from 8pm to 11pm (when it closes), and had plenty to do within this time and if we had arrived earlier, we could have easily spent longer here.

Getting there…

It is located just outside of Bury town centre, and can be walked to easily (that is how we got there)… but it is slightly out in the middle of nowhere and if you have the option to drive, I would recommend driving. However if you don’t drive, you can get the metro there and walk, it takes about 15 minutes walk.

Food and drink…

They have a shop selling snacks and drinks (also has a licence, so has alcohol).


I would highly recommend this if you were ever into any kind of video games at some point in your life, it was simply just great fun!

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