Unit testing System.IO.File.Exists

December 16, 2015

Recently I ran into a dilema of that I needed to unit test a method that had a call to a built in .net methods of System.IO.File.Exists(), and as unit tests don’t have access to the file system as soon as the method got to System.IO.File.Exists() it would error out.

How I fixed this was to simply implement an interface over a custom class that will simply run System.IO.File.Exists() and then in the unit test mock that interface to return true.

Now to use this method in our controller instead of using System.IO.File.Exists()

This is simply using manual dependany injection, and you could do this automated via e.g. Autofac / Ninject etc

Then you would use this in the controller action via _fileSystem.FileExists();

Now in your unit test you will need to mock / fake the call to FileExists to return what you need of true or false. You can achive this by using a mocking framework called Moq.

Once Moq is installed you can mock the call by the following:

This created a new mock object from the IFileSystem interface.

Then to mock the method within that interface / mocked object, you will need this

_fileSystemMock.Setup(o => o.FileExists(It.IsAny<string>())).Returns(true);

This simply says any call of FileExists witin the _fileSystemMock object, don’t go into and return true.

Then to inject this into the controller you would write

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